Homebrew FTW

I have a Macbook Air and use it for development my WordPress products. On that Macbook, I usually install a bundle of software like Google Chrome, Firefox, FileZilla, Flux, … and a lot of development tools like Valet, PHP7.1, Composer, MariaDB, NodeJS, … It has been working fine until I want to remove them. Sadly there’s no official way to remove them completely. I tried some utility to help but it can’t work for some development tools (removing NodeJS is a nightmare!). So I searched for a better way to manage my software on Mac and I found Homebrew! It is a great tool and you should try it right now.

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Creating development WordPress site with XAMPP on Windows

I’m using XAMPP on Windows. While it’s great, it doesn’t help me to create a development WordPress site quickly (like domain.dev). I had to do many things manually like adding the virtual host configuration, download WordPress and install. When the number of development sites increases, it takes a lot of time. So, I write a batch script to do the job automatically.

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SVN best practices for WordPress developers

Although GIT is everywhere, SVN still is the version control for all the themes and plugins hosted on WordPress.org. I’ve been playing with both SVN and GIT together recently when I need to repeat the same tasks again and again. This article is a small log of useful SVN commands when working with WordPress themes or plugins (only plugins actually, because WordPress.org doesn’t allow us to work with the theme repository directly).

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