10 Best PowerPoint Templates for Online Marketing Presentations

Creating a marketing presentation is all about juggling a ton of information that will really move your audience and make them want to be a part of your project. Clearly, this is not an easy task.

It is very challenging to take complex information (like target sales figures and statistics) and make a compelling visual narrative for your audience. You can get a jump-start in the right direction though Slidemodel.com because we have a truckload of professionally designed Slides for Online Marketing Presentations. The advanced infographic options give you everything you need to the professional and crafty presentation. Listed following are top ten templates for a digital marketing presentation.

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Homebrew FTW

I have a Macbook Air and use it for development my WordPress products. On that Macbook, I usually install a bundle of software like Google Chrome, Firefox, FileZilla, Flux, … and a lot of development tools like Valet, PHP7.1, Composer, MariaDB, NodeJS, … It has been working fine until I want to remove them. Sadly there’s no official way to remove them completely. I tried some utility to help but it can’t work for some development tools (removing NodeJS is a nightmare!). So I searched for a better way to manage my software on Mac and I found Homebrew! It is a great tool and you should try it right now.

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