Top 5 Reusable Content Blocks Plugins For WordPress

I’ve been working on the documentation of the Meta Box plugin and I found that a lot of content is repeated across pages such as the installation guide. I wonder if there’s any WordPress plugin that can help me save those content and let me use them later. So I did some research and here are the top 5 WordPress plugins that can help creating reusable content blocks.

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Detect What WordPress Theme and Plugins a Site is Using and More

We are all using online digital media to communicate nowadays. It has even become difficult to think of a time without such platforms as Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, not to mention all the rest. As a result of becoming so used to functioning and communicating online, more and more people are choosing to become entrepreneurs by starting an online business. And what better platform to do that on than WordPress? This huge platform had such an impact on the world that its name practically became synonymous with entrepreneurship.

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Best Google Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is vast and its capacities seem to be growing with every update. Now as wee throw a look back at the first version of WordPress we see how massive the evolution of WordPress has been since its inception. Its first version included a fairly limited admin interface and post editor, several templates, and was able to generate XHTML 1.1 compliant templates. Over years, new capacities and functionalities emerged, which now make up the WordPress of the present, including support for plugins, powerful theme customizer, media manager, audio and video support, social media integration, and other great stuff.

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Google Maps Widget Giveaway

google maps widget

Google Maps is highly reputable when it comes to mapping technology. In fact, when we talk about maps, it’s always Google Map that comes to our mind first. It has advanced so much over the years that Google Map not only gives you location information, but it comes with business information, ratings and as far as driving directions as well. In a world with diminishing communications borders, Google Maps is a great help for people to give out or search for your location.

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Giveaway worth $600 – Get Security Ninja and protect your WordPress sites

You know one of the most irritating thing about having a website is that you are always prone to hackers getting into your site and stealing not only your data but causing loss of money as well? You can check your WordPress site quickly to see how protected you are against possible attacks on your site. In comes Security Ninja, a WordPress plugin that helps thousands to stay safe and prevent downtime due to security issues with their website. What does Security Ninja do you might ask?

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Top Live Chat Plugins for your WordPress Site

If you have an online portal for your business or an online business/store itself, it is imperative to set up a live chat system that will allow your visitors to quickly get in touch with you. This can be done with live chat integration.

Allowing your website visitors to chat with you in real-time is a huge engagement booster you (and your business) will profit from in the long run: your visitors can directly get in touch with you, share feedback, ask their queries, and more. This boosts sales/leads by removing some roadblocks (doubts) users may have about your product/service.

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New plugin: User Visit Log

I’m developing a WordPress e-commerce website for a friend which serves only registered users, e.g. private clients. He wants to analyze his users to understand what they need, how they use the website and how helpful the website is for them. So I developed a custom plugin to track users visits by day and provide a custom analytic report to my friend and that’s how User Visit Log was born.

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Best plugins to customize WordPress websites

When developing WordPress websites, it’s easy at the beginning to customize the website the way we want like adding custom CSS, changing text, adding custom sidebars, etc. because we can touch the code directly. But as time passes by, the client wants us to change a little thing on the website. It can be easy enough to do just in 5 minutes, but opening the code editor, looking for required file, make change and upload is a long process. We need a faster way to make customization without touching code. This post is the list of useful plugins that can help to achieve that (I will keep updating the post whenever I see something useful).

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