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Theme Information – How To Get It Right In WordPress 3.4

WordPress 3.4 introduces many gorgeous things like theme customizer, twitter embed, HTML caption, etc. Among those highlights, there’re many improvements and changes in the code we should know, too. In this post, I’ll talk about a proper way to get theme information via wp_get_theme function. This function replaces the old function get_theme_data which was used in previous WordPress versions and now is deprecated.

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10 Desktop Blogging Tools You Should Try

Desktop blogging tools are those which make your work easier in many ways. The designers and the bloggers can make use of these tools in their blogs to manage and update their blogs. The functionality that they provide are of immense help to the bloggers. One of the greatest advantages of these tools is that it simplifies your work and saves lot of your time. Whether you are professional blogger or you are a first time blogger you should learn about the desktop blogging tools and make use of them in your blogs, you can see the difference for yourself. There are several tools given below and each of the tool provides a different functionality.

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Using relative URLs in WordPress

Relative URLs has some benefits: smaller page size (and thus download time) and making the site more portable when you move to another domain. The 2nd problem often happens and it can make your post links broken. Although it can be solved using some backup & restore plugin like BackupBuddy, or using Search and Replace plugin, we better avoid it before it happens. This post will show you how to make your WordPress site support relative URLs.

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