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10 Best PowerPoint Templates for Online Marketing Presentations

Creating a marketing presentation is all about juggling a ton of information that will really move your audience and make them want to be a part of your project. Clearly, this is not an easy task.

It is very challenging to take complex information (like target sales figures and statistics) and make a compelling visual narrative for your audience. You can get a jump-start in the right direction though because we have a truckload of professionally designed Slides for Online Marketing Presentations. The advanced infographic templates give you everything you need to the professional and crafty presentation. Listed following are top ten templates for a digital marketing presentation.

1. Digital Marketing Channels PowerPoint Template

Digital Marketing Channels Showcase PowerPoint Template is designed in such a way so as to accommodate your need of presenting all the target social media sites and the channels of promotion like the internet, mobiles, tablets. Through this template, you can bring focus on the digital marketing strategies and the benefits of the Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM).

marketing channels

The main characteristics of this template are

  • A placeholder for your logo on the cover
  • Table of content for your presentation
  • Various social media channels
  • Diagrams and branding theories.
  • Advertising and promotion channels
  • A conclusion slide with your contact details

What’s more? This presentation template for PowerPoint enables you to discuss your plan of action, the past strategies and their statistics. It is provided by, one of the leading providers of presentation templates for businesses and individuals.

2. Full Funnel Marketing PowerPoint Template

Full Funnel marketing PowerPoint Template is essentially designed to elaborate on the Full Funnel Marketing concept. Marketing experts understand how important it is to explain all the stages starting from the prospective stage of the funnel right down to the final purchase. The effectiveness of this template lies in the fact that its infographics and designs allow the presenter to explain in detail the used marketing techniques, customer awareness, generated leads and the relationship between all of these.

marketing funnel

The main characteristics of this template are:

  • A placeholder for text on the cover slide
  • A detailed diagram of the funnel process
  • The relationship between the stages
  • Conclusion on which tactics are to be adopted or vice versa

This presentation template provides a great pathway to point out the advantages of the full funnel technique.

3. Marketing Campaigns Dashboard for PowerPoint

This template has been specially designed keeping in the needs of business marketers and marketing agencies. The multiple graphical components can help make a very compelling show while conveying the results of social media campaigns and data dashboard of online businesses.

The main characteristics of this template are

  • 9 slides of high-quality design
  • Easily editable components and icons
  • Graphical slides to distinguish the performance of various social media campaigns through bar charts, doughnut charts, dashboard gauges and line graphs

This PowerPoint template is very effective regarding appealing the global audience with dashboard data and information.

4. Content Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

Content Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template provides an awesome guide on how to make a robust marketing plan. Moreover, it is versatile enough to be used for all business types.

content marketing plan

The main characteristics of this template are

  • 21 beautiful slides to prepare a report on business marketing
  • All the slides have a blue theme
  • The steps and processes are arranged in a chronological manner
  • Various graphical components like text placeholders, charts and diagrams are 100% editable

This PowerPoint template can be used to create a very potent and strategic presentation to leave a lasting effect on your audience.

5. Free Marketing PPT template

A very simplistic design approach has been used in this template, to make the words speak louder than the design. This is a 100% free, ready-to-use and uncomplicated template for marketer and marketing students looking to make a powerful impression on the audience.

free marketing ppt

The main characteristics of this template are

  • Versatile blue themed slides
  • Magnifier illustrations on each slide
  • Easy to understand content

6. Free Marketing Plan Template

This is a free PowerPoint template to be used for the purpose of presenting eMarketing plans. It provides a complete outline on how to make an online marketing pitch brands, business, and websites.

free marketing plan template

Instead of depending on the traditional management processes and common business methodologies one can use agile development process and startup approach to learning how to establish business and startup companies. What is riveting about this free template for PowerPoint is not the design itself as it gives a good base to explain a complex business plan.

7. Free Marketing Mix Diagram Template for PowerPoint

This template has a very painless and pure design so as to highlight the importance of the well-known marketing mix diagram which plays a very important role in presenting online marketing strategies.

marketing mix diagram

The four chief P constraints (Product, Place, Price and Promotion) of any target market are the centerpiece of this template. Through this template, it is easy to assess and present the scope of newly introduced promotions and to analyze the output from the target market.

8. Free Marketing Plan Template Background for PowerPoint

Free Marketing Plan Template for PowerPoint is an easy solution to making eMarketing presentations in a commanding manner. The versatile use of diagrams and timeline plans guarantees the undivided attention of the audience.

marketing timeline

The various components of this template are

  • Timelines Illustrations
  • 4P Marketing Mix Diagram
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Executive Summary of the Marketing Plan
  • World Map Illustration for Explain Marketing Segments and the Outreach of the Promotion Program
  • SWOT Analysis
  • A Question Slide in the End

The combination of all these features in one template can help make a presentation that will be remembered for days to come.

9. Free General Purpose Template for Google Slides and PowerPoint

This is a completely editable, 100% Free Google PowerPoint Template. There are multiple icons and shapes that can be used for a versatile expression of ideas. Even if this template is for Google Slides, it can still be download as a .pptx.

steps to launch

The main features of this template are

  • 51 comprehensible and colorful slides
  • A specific slide to pitch the marketing ideas
  • An illustration to indicate the Launch process
  • The use of social media platforms to achieve goals
  • Optional use of Honeycomb, pyramid or hexagonal infographics
  • A section to introduce the team in the project and their accomplishments
  • Optional use of pie charts, bar charts, doughnut charts and line graphs.

Each PPT has a unique design and a variety of visuals to choose from. This template provides an excellent way to engage your audience in a mesmerizing manner.

10. Free Pitch Presentation Template

The template has been designed keeping in the 10 Slides To An Awesome Pitch. Potential online marketing strategies can be presented in an elegant way. This template is for Google Slides, but it can also be downloaded as a ppt file. This is a valuable way to present business ideas through high-quality visual options.

market size

The main characteristics of this template are

  • 32 high-quality graphical slides
  • Table of content naming the tens slides to an awesome pitch
  • A section for marketing plan
  • Problem details
  • Suggested solution
  • The resources used
  • The target market
  • Product competitors
  • Goals and target


It can be concluded to say that even though making an effective and communicative marketing presentation may seem like an impossible task; it is not nearly as difficult using the templates suggest in this article.

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