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Best contact forms for static websites

A static website is fairly straightforward. It consists of a series of HTML files, and each HTML file represents a physical page of a website. In actual, each page is an individual HTML file on static sites. It means when you visit the homepage, you view the actual homepage file.

Static websites have been built since the early years of the World Wide Web. Although today most people prefer to go with a dynamic website yet a static website is still a good choice to showcase your business or work on the Internet.

It would not be wrong to say that a static website is a blessing for those who want to run a simple and fast website without spending a lot of money and time. All in all, it is a good platform to display your work without burning a hole into your pocket.

There are a lot of ways, you can make your static website more functional and productive and getting a good contact form is one of them.

A contact form is one of the simplest ways for your audience/customers to get in touch with you. If you are looking for the best contact form for a static website, stick to this article until the end. We have hoarded some of the best contact form generator tools and software to use for a static website.

Notes: If you're using WordPress, you might want to see best contact form plugins for WordPress.


Formspree has been a reliable name for many years for creating functional HTML forms on a static website. It is a free of cost online service that offers forms to email API, all solutions under the same roof. My contact form is created with Formspree.

Using this service, you can easily create a contact form without any need for JavaScript and PHP coding.

<form action="https://formspree.io/f/{form_id}" method="post">
  <label for="email">Your Email</label>
  <input name="Email" id="email" type="email">
  <button type="submit">Submit</button>


  • Simple HTML work. No JavaScript and PHP required
  • Spam protection
  • Email notification
  • Integration with Slack, Telegram, Google Sheets, and more

Pricing: free for 50 submissions / month.


FormKeep contact form for static websites

If you're wondering how to get the best contact form for a static website, FormKeep can be a fair resource for you.

To create a form with FormKeep, you can use their visual form builder. After building forms, you can embed the HTML code into your website. No iframes or JavaScript libraries required. It's perfect for developers and designers.

FormKeep visual form builder

The best thing about FormKeep is its integrations with Google Sheets, Slack, and thousand apps like Zapier. You can also create your own integration with webhooks.


  • Automatic spam filtering
  • Send notification emails to everyone
  • Connect to Google Sheets, Slack and more
  • Handles images and attachments

Pricing: free for 50 submissions / month.


Fabform is a form backend service for developers. It allows you to embed a form via HTML to your static website and handles everything for you. No library, no dependency needed. It works with any frameworks, JAMStack or any CMS platforms.

<form action="https://fabform.io/f/{form-id}" method="post">
    <label for="email">Your Email</label>
    <input name="email" type="email">
    <button type="submit">Submit</button> 


  • Spam protection with AI
  • Email notifications and auto-responses
  • Email templates
  • Form submissions are saved to the FabForm Universal Inbox and can be sent to Google Sheets, Airtable
  • View form submissions, see daily analytics reports, and export to CSV or JSON
  • 3rd party integrations: Airtable, Email, Google Sheets and others

Pricing: Free for 100 submissions / month


99inbound contact form

99inbound is a renowned form endpoint provider platform you can use to create a contact form for a static website. You need not write any backend code to create a contact form, just replace your HTML form's action attribute with endpoints.

The platform is quite user-friendly, just copy and paste code on your static website, and your contact form is ready to be used.

This easy to use form builder comes with some advanced features, such as spam rejection & detection, slack notifications, and app integrations.


EmailMeForm contact form

EmailMeForm is a popular online form builder that lets you create simple contact form for static website. You can simply implement it you site and share on your email and social media accounts.

The best part of this platform is, here you get mobile responsive forms that perfectly works on devices like smartphones, tablets, etc. Besides this, you also get adequate customization choices you can use to create a beautiful contact form.

Here you can find the best suited free contact form for your business from the wide selection of the most popular forms. Over 100 editable contact forms (different industry) are already available, you can customized as per your business need.

Besides this, you also get a secure database for your contact form entries in your account.

Pricing: free for 100 submissions / month.

Wrapping Up

These are few popular form generator software and tools which work best for static sites. You may choose any of the above platforms to create simple and functional contact forms. We hope you will find these tools useful.

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