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Best plugins to customize WordPress websites

When developing WordPress websites, it’s easy at the beginning to customize the website the way we want like adding custom CSS, changing text, adding custom sidebars, etc. because we can touch the code directly. But as time passes by, the client wants us to change a little thing on the website. It can be easy enough to do just in 5 minutes, but opening the code editor, looking for required file, make change and upload is a long process. We need a faster way to make customization without touching code. This post is the list of useful plugins that can help to achieve that (I will keep updating the post whenever I see something useful).

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Top 6 Multilingual Plugins for WordPress

As we know that WordPress is not multilingual by default. We need to embed plugins to make it support different languages. Since the concept of “global connectivity” is growing at a rapid pace, businesses need to create ways for communicating with others easily and in the most seamless way.

It’s not surprising that there is a large chunk of people who do not speak English. In fact, we often find a lot of people in support forums who converse in different languages. To make sure that your website attracts people globally, it is worthwhile to make it friendly for those who do not speak English. One way to do is by building a localized version for your website for each region or country or you can use plugins to make it automatically support the language of the country it’s being browsed.

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Meta Box Script Update V3.0

Update: The script was turned into Meta Box WordPress plugin and is being developed. Visit plugin page to see more info and download latest version.

After 2 posts in series of creating meta box, I received many ideas and opinions that really helpful. I appreciate that, and I want to give big thanks to all our contributors.

It has been a while since the last version of meta box script (2.4.1). Today I want to show you the next major version (3.0) with many improvements in the code, which supports better for OOP, gives big opportunity to developers to extend the class. And of course, some field types are added as well as some bugs are fixed.

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