CodeLobster IDE Review – The best code editor for WordPress development?


Since you are reading this article, it means that you are a WordPress
developer, just like me, and strive to make your work with WordPress as
productive as possible.

What do we
have to do when creating sites on WordPress? We do not just edit PHP files. We
should be a programmer and WEB-designer, have the skills to work with HTML, CSS
and JavaScript, as it is necessary for a successful WEB-programming.

And a modern IDE or text editor that wants to win the favor of users should providesupport for all the necessary languages and technologies.

I suggest you to discover CodeLobster IDE.

CodeLobster Introduction

CodeLobster is a functional IDE that provides a completeset of tools for the web developer.

It has an
editor of PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript with suggestions and autocompletion.

CodeLobster IDE allows you to work with databases directly from the IDE, edit PHP files on the local computer and on a remote server using FTP.

Among other things, you can use PHP debugger, contextual and dynamic help.

Why CodeLobster is good for WordPress developers?

There is a convenient function of installing WordPress directly from the program. In addition to that the CMS is installed and configured instantly, much faster than via the WEB-interface.

example, to create a project, go to the main menu “Project” ->
“Create Project …”.

Then in the
dialog box, you can specify the type of the project, which will be created
using the framework or one of the popular CMS.

“Create Empty WordPress Site”, enter the name and specify the
location of the directory for installation. Then the New WordPress Site Wizard
will run.

It will
take only a few steps to configure the connection to the database and at the
last step specify the parameters of our blog.

clicking the “Finish” button, the fresh WordPress distribution will
be installed and a new project will be created, you can immediately start

If we move the mouse pointer to any function name, we get information about it in a tooltip.

Description for a WordPress function

For full information about this function from the official WordPress documentation, it is enough to select it and press the F1 key.

To use autocompletion, just start typing the name of the function and press Ctrl + Space.


CodeLobster IDE includes the WordPress plugin in its professional version. That allows the developer to quickly start working with this CMS, since no additional installation is required.

Also it has all the necessary tools, not only for programming in PHP, but also to edit HTML markup, CSS styles and JavaScript.

I chose CodeLobster IDE, that combines the speed of work, functionality and ease of setting up WordPress projects. I’m happy to add it to my set of web development tools.


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