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How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress That Sells

A landing page is a fascinating marketing tool. It is a single web-page that has a particular goal. It can be created to sell products, services, or encourage customers to sign-up for newsletters. It can dramatically increase website conversions and sales.

Whether it is a reputable academic essay writing service, well-known affiliate marketing web-page or a simple e-commerce site, any will benefit from an attractive landing page.

To be successful, it should be built wisely and have a clear message. Here is an ultimate guide on how to create an amazing landing in WordPress.

How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress That Sells

What Makes Your Landing Effective

First of all, it is essential to know what effective site consists of. The key is to make it targeted and specific. While creating a landing for one particular product, it is necessary to stick to the point. It can either direct traffic to the main website or the sales.

Here are the basic rules of effective landing:

  •  It should be attention-grabbing;
  •  The scroll-down designs are the best because it is easy to use;
  •  It should be very specific with its offer, whether it is product, service or information;
  •  Make the customers’ benefits clear and precise;
  •  Include a compelling call to action narrative;
  •  Use simple conversions, direct links to making an order, main website, or subscription form.

When selling a product, keep the main focus on it. Include pictures and descriptions; it is also great to show some customers’ reviews. Having an ordering box right here is of crucial importance. The process or purchase should be smooth and seamless.

Use of the WordPress Themes

Now it is time to get to the action. As soon as the concept and narrative of the web-page are ready, one can choose among several options, such as themes, plugin, or more advanced choices for professional developers. The use of themes is simple and can be done by almost anyone as it doesn’t require a developer’s experience.

Many themes were explicitly made for landings. Here are some interesting ones:

  •  OceanWP;
  •  Zerif Pro WordPress Theme;
  •  Total WordPress Theme;
  • Freelancer WordPress Theme, etc.

Generally, such themes have scroll-down design and drag and drop function. One of the benefits of using a pre-made template is that it features well-thought design. At the same time, there is a place for customization. For example, the themes from Gretathemes can be adjusted easily in the Customizer.

To start, one should download and install a theme and activate it. After that, go to Pages >Add New and choose a name. The templates are available in the Page attributes section, after that publish it and set it as a front-page (Settings > Reading, choose it, then Front page displays > a static one). Now it is time for customization.

Use of the WordPress Themes

Use of the WordPress Plugins

Another easy way to build a landing is by using one of many WordPress page builder plugins. There are various options, free and premium ones. Overall, the basic functionality allows incorporating the most important features. Here are some attractive options:

  •  Thrive Architect;
  •  Beaver Builder;
  •  Elementor;
  •  Parallax Gravity Landing Pages;
  •  WP Bakery Page Builder, etc.

To start, one should install and activate a plugin. The most efficient option is to choose the landing template. It is pre-made for specific purposes.

When using a plugin, one can choose what functions to add. It is a great way to make it customized for your product. However, it is important not to overload the web-page with unnecessary information. Choose only the crucial functions like contact form, ordering box, social media handles, etc. Besides, make sure that if you're using a WordPress theme for page builder, it can work well with the page builder you choose.

After customization, follow the same setting process as described for using themes.

Several More Things to Consider

When working on an efficient landing, it is necessary to keep users’ experience in mind. The text should be appealing, but not too vague. Make sure customers see features of the product and have all the critical information on it.

The relevant high-resolution pictures are a must. Adding a fascinating video with product demonstration is also great.

One more thing – make sure that the site loads fast. Also, make sure that it is smartphone-friendly in terms of design. Many people use mobile devices much more often than a laptop or PC, so it should be as good on a smaller screen.

Final Words

An effective landing web-page can increase leads and sale a product. WordPress allows creating it even for those who have zero developer experience. Both plugins and themes are easy to use and have pre-made options designed for specific needs.

Usually, premium options have more functions, but the choice is completely up to a person. The effective landing is specific, clear, and has a powerful message about customers’ benefits from the product. It is crucial to make it simple yet attractive.

However, when you have multiple campaigns, you should build a dynamic landing page. This kind of landing page can be reused easily by editing texts and images very conveniently without touching code.

Besides landing pages, you should create a product page to sell your stuff as well permanently.

For more content on landing pages, check this detailed guide from Bengu on the best landing page builders.

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