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Deluxe Blog Tips Has Been Transferred From Blogger To WordPress

Deluxe Blog Tips has been powered by Blogger for almost 2 years. I’ve been using Blogger for another personal website in Vietnamese, so I chose it for Deluxe Blog Tips. Honestly I was to lazy to setup a WordPress for myself (even I do many WordPress sites for clients). That was because I always want my blog to be perfect in coding, speed, performance, … And it really needs to be work hard.

blogger to wordpress

But I changed my mind as I realized that my posts are involved with WordPress much more than Blogger, and of course WordPress has more things to talk about. So I started to try to transfer the blog from Blogger to WordPress several months ago. But the transfer job is not easy as I thought at first. I tried both WordPress Importer plugin and Blogger2WordPress app but they don’t conserve the line breaks in pre tags. I looked for help at WordPress Answers, but I wasn’t a lucky man.

The problem still remained until last Sunday, when I thought about writing my own plugin to get the post content and import to WordPress. After 2 days coding, I completed the rough plugin, and this is the result.

There still a problem with my Disqus comment system that doesn’t work properly on pages. Disqus detects the page via its URL, but the page URL is different in Blogger and WordPress, so the comments don’t appear on pages. I’m trying to use built-in tool provided by Disqus and hope it solves the problem.

With this change, I hope to give you more quality posts about WordPress (and Blogger). And I want to give big thanks to you all my friends, who helps me a lot in completing my tutorials and scripts. I really appreciate.

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