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10 Desktop Blogging Tools You Should Try

Desktop blogging tools are those which make your work easier in many ways. The designers and the bloggers can make use of these tools in their blogs to manage and update their blogs. The functionality that they provide are of immense help to the bloggers. One of the greatest advantages of these tools is that it simplifies your work and saves lot of your time. Whether you are professional blogger or you are a first time blogger you should learn about the desktop blogging tools and make use of them in your blogs, you can see the difference for yourself. There are several tools given below and each of the tool provides a different functionality.

1. Windows Live Editor

A remarkable blog editor called as Windows Live Editor using which a blog can be written with discerning features. Users can spell check, add images, and media easily and quickly using this. Several basic plug-ins can be appended to this windows live editor. It is best suitable for those who want a basic tool which is simple and easy to use.

Platform: Windows | License: Free

Windows Live Editor - Desktop Blogging Tools

2. BlogDesk

BlogDesk is a versatile blog editor. It allows you to edit text in manifold languages. This is the greatest benefit of this blog. Another splendid feature is that images can be edited after uploading it in this tool. Linking can also be easily done here. Through BlogDesk one can just give the specific video links and blog desk will do the uploading task directly.

BlogDesk is totally free of charge and optimized for the blog systems WordPress, MovableType, Drupal, Serendipity and ExpressionEngine.

Platform: Windows | License: Free

BlogDesk - Desktop Blogging Tools

3. Ecto

Ecto is a blog editing tool with all the basic features like any other basic blog editing tool. Though additional plug-ins cannot be used it is worth mentioning that you can link to Amazon page here.

Platform: Mac | License: Paid

Ecto - Desktop Blogging Tools

4. MarsEdit

MarsEdit also called as MAC is another tool which can amalgamate with other text editor. This is the specialty of this tool. Using flicker you can also insert image in your text with the help of this tool. It is palatable in WordPress, Drupal and many other such bloggers. This also provides preview mode.

Platform: MAC | License: Paid

MarsEdit - Desktop Blogging Tools

5. Zoundry Raven

Zoundry Raven is an advanced desktop blogging tool. It supports many blogging platforms. This blog editor consists of XHTML editing. Some of the other features are Unicode, index and categories, drag and drop functionality, linking can be done, template can be changed and finally, preview mode is available. You can also manage tags and trackbacks and finally edit in preview mode before publishing.

Platform: Windows | License: Free

Zoundry Raven - Desktop Blogging Tools

6. W.Bloggar

W.Bloggar is also an advanced tool which is best for professional users. The built in features are much advanced. Multiple post can be scheduled and saved for publishing. This tool is a versatile tool for posting one post to multiple blogs at a time. Further you can also ping many other blogs like Technorati, Weblogs and ping. It is tremendous that there is a handy version which can be stored in USB.

Platform: Windows | License: Free

W.Bloggar - Desktop Blogging Tools

7. Thingamablog

Thingamablog is an amalgam of RSS-feed and blog editor. For this Java virtual must be there and it is best suitable only for those who need a cross platform blog editor. This is also an advanced tool with lot of other advanced features.

Platform: Cross-platform| License: Free

Thingamablog - Desktop Blogging Tools

8. BlogJet

BlogJet is worth considering. It is a very useful tool. With the aid of this blogging tool also you can integrate your blog with the RSS readers. Along with spell check there is additional benefit of typography check in it. You can work off line in BlogJet from anywhere and save it in drafts. You can also manage your blog statistics and search for particular blog post easily. It is easy to manage tool. It consists of many other features as well. But you got to pay registration fees if you want this blogging tool.

Platform: Windows | License: Paid

BlogJet - Desktop Blogging Tools

9. Sribefire

Sribefire is totally a different kind of blogging tool. You can blog while screening a page. ScribeFire allows opening on the lower half of the same browser and same page you are viewing. It is good for those who post in hasten. So they do not have to spend more time now on Blogging.

Platform: Cross-platform | License: Free

ScribeFire - Desktop Blogging Tools

10. Bleezer

Bleezer is another advanced blogging tool. It consist f basic functionalities as spell checking, uploading files and there are FTP potentials and pinging. One can work offline and key strokes can be customized in it. As any other tool even this requires Java Virtual Machine.

Platform: Windows | License: Free

Bleezer - Desktop Blogging Tools

There are many other desktop blogging tools such as Qumana, Post2Blog, Airpress, Flock and SharpMT. Qumana consist of some customary features like several other blogs. There is one unique feature called as ad network that lets you to add ads in the post. This facilitates you to work offline also Flock is similar to Scribefire. Some of the desktop blogging tools are available free of cost whereas for few other blogging tools there is some registration cost or you have to purchase them. The price of each blogging tool is different. In brief there are number of functionalities provided by each desktop blogging tool. One has to choose a blogging tool according to their requirement after considering the pros and cons of each blogging tool.

Every person does not know the working of the blogging tool. Few of them may be looking for the first time a desktop blogging tool for themselves. You may require a tool with just basic functionalities. These people may check out ScribeFire, Flock, Windows Live Editor and such similar blogging tools. Yet there may be many others who would be looking for advanced options. There are professional bloggers who may require such tools which has advanced options. They may add pictures, images or some clippings to their blog post. Then for them BlogJet or BlogDesk would be better option as these posses several plug-ins in it. Thus select the right tool and make your work better and in a simple way. You can definitely bring a difference to the routine of your work by selecting one of the good desktop blogging tools.

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