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Google Maps Widget Giveaway

google maps widget

Google Maps is highly reputable when it comes to mapping technology. In fact, when we talk about maps, it’s always Google Map that comes to our mind first. It has advanced so much over the years that Google Map not only gives you location information, but it comes with business information, ratings and as far as driving directions as well. In a world with diminishing communications borders, Google Maps is a great help for people to give out or search for your location.

Now, we know your pain point when it comes using WordPress. There is no good plugin that integrates Google Map in your WordPress. Those that are currently available are either really outdated or takes hours of complicated hair-pulling moments to set up, which would break down after every update. We have a solution for you, and it comes in the form of Google Maps Widget.

With Google Maps Widget, you can now put up a map on your site within minutes. It does not matter if you are new to WordPress and coding sounds alien to you. It’s been made so simple that you don’t need to know coding to make it work! The developers also ensured that the widget is updated regularly. This means that you would not be stuck with the same outdated plugin unknowingly. No more broken plugin and missing maps mean more customers coming to your place. Simple math.

What if you come face to face with a problem? Standard plugins will take ages to answer your inquiries if they answer it at all. With Google Maps Widget, all your questions will be answered in a jiffy in the forums by experts. If you are using a PRO version, you will get a professional email support. This customer-friendly approach makes Google Maps Widget so appealing that more than 1 million users have downloaded the plugin! Besides these, new features will be continuously added. This will help your site to be on par with the technological advancements and keep your website looking smart.

google maps

There is another feature that the developers added that we really liked. Google Maps Widget included multiple pin support in the plugin! Both thumbnail and interactive maps can contain an unlimited number of pins. Customized pin bubble and description can also be done. Clicking on a pin in the interactive maps opens a bubble with text, images or any other data that the user wants to disseminate to the audience. Talk about cool, this is almost incredible!

To add to that, there are more than 1500 map pins available in this plugin. Regardless of the type of map you plan to create, there is a pin for everything. The pins come in 2 sizes which can help you make a distinction in your map.

google maps widget configuration

The variety of the Google Maps Widget makes it great for choice-making. There are 4 types of thumbnail map namely hybrid, road, satellite, and terrain. There are also 4 types of interactive modes of a map such as directions, view, street, and street view. So whichever your appetite is, there’s something for you.

If you are worried about the plugin dragging down the speed of your website, rest assure. Google Maps Widget also boasts an advanced cache system and the fastest loading times. It loads maps with 1 request instead of 70. There are also JS and CSS optimization options. In simple, the plugin only loads the needed files. These make Google Maps Widget one of the savviest plugins for map there is in the market.

Now comes the pricing of the plans of Google Maps Widget. There are three plans namely PRO Unlimited Personal, PRO Unlimited Agency, and PRO Personal:

  • PRO Unlimited Personal is priced at $39 and covers unlimited personal sites and 1 year of upgrades and support
  • PRO Unlimited Agency is priced at $99 and covers unlimited client and personal sites, lifetime upgrades as well as lifetime priority support
  • PRO Personal costs $15/year and covers 1 site, 1 year of upgrades, and 1 year of support.

Google Maps Widget takes care of your mapping issues on your sites up to the tiniest details.

Giveaway of Google Maps Widget (PRO Unlimited Agency)

I’m happy to host a giveaway for Google Maps Widget on Deluxe Blog Tips. Each participant will have a chance to get a PRO Unlimited Agency license (worth $99). To join the giveaway, please:

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  • Leave a comment with your correct email (I will send the license to your email) and link to your post on Facebook.

What are you waiting for, you can get it now for free.

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