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Hide Admin Menu v2.0 Released

Hide Admin Menu is my first (and only one at the moment) premium plugin. It’s more than 1 year old. It does the job of hiding admin menu items in WordPress admin panel quite well. And today I release the new version with some new features. Hope you’ll like it.

The most important thing in this new version is you can hide admin bar items as well. Like hiding admin menu items, you can select which items will be hidden based on user role. Look at this screenshot:

Another improvement is that you can hide menu items (both in admin menu and menu bar) for Administrators. This functionality is requested by an user at CodeCanyon, and I think it might be useful not for only him, but all of us.

I also improved the plugin UI, make it more intuitive, more friendly and easier to use.

On the side of coding, I refactored the code a lot: writing better PHP classes, optimized code for loading, and restructure the code. Everything is much better than previous version.

Take a look at full description of the plugin and if you like my posts for WordPress on this blog, my coding style, support me by buying a cheap but professional plugin at CodeCanyon.

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