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How to create a successful Blog that gains popularity in quick time

Blogging is an art of writing, its quite similar to writing diaries. The only difference is we write diaries using pen, while blogging we use internet. Blogging allows us to share whatever we want to, it can be an article, a picture, video, song or whether just your plan for the whole day. It gives you the freedom to be what you want to be and it depends on how you want to present yourself in front of others. Anyone can start a blog, you don’t have to be a software engineer to do so.

Blogging has been gaining mainstream popularity now, people are using it to spread news about more or less everything, political thoughts, religious thought, and even for putting forward their views and opinions. Blogs has been used by many well known person and organizations for their business benefits, online press conferences, and video conferences are done through blogs via twitter. Not only business officials but the government’s organizations are also using blogging system for many purposes.

How to make a successful blog

There are many ways to create a successful blog, some quick steps that you can follow are given below:

Choose Interesting Topics For Your Blog

A topics volume-you should well acquired with notes of the topics that you are about to write. A broad topic often becomes clumsy, whereas a very narrow topic might become less efficient. So you should have standard breath of your topic.

Choosing your topic-always choose topics that are within your reach, and which you have full knowledge. Also you have to be interested in that particular topic so as you don’t feel bore to maintain that topic. Choose topics that are trendy, more users friendly easy for the readers.Dont be too tricky. Gain knowledge from search engines and acquire inspirations from different sources.

You have to hold your patience-it will take a little time to become a successful blogger. Gradually the standard and the popularity will increase as work you hard on your topics. You should be interested first in the topic or else others will not find it interesting too.

Be Attentive And Build Back Links To Your Blog

Time management-different topics have different time requirements, some need more time to maintain some are easy to handle. Firstly you should start with a single blog, and then try to maintain it for at least a month or so. Too many blogs at a same time will produce more hazards and all will consume more of your time.

Stick to a permanent url-maintaining a permanent URL is very important as it holds your identity as a blogger and readers get to find your blogs at that particular URL. A shift to other URL means more waste of time to popularize your blog in the other URL's.

Let Others Know Your Blog

Marketing your blog-once you are ready with your blogs, you have to make the people aware about it. Social networking sites are a best media nowadays to let the world know about your creations. Their are thousands of websites where you can post free ads that helps popularizing your blog.

Marketing blog

Your content of the blogs should be high class-being a blogger and a student in class V is not the same. Your blogs should have maturity and good quality that would please and easily impress the readers. Do maintain the good quality by introducing new profound ideas and solutions that world attract readers.

Use of proper tools and upgraded versions of software available will let you to make your blog handsome

You have be computer savvy- you have to keep knowledge about technical aspects of maintaining your blog. Like Java, HTML these sorts of software help you to work more funtionally.Having a wide range of web-related knowledge is definitely an advantage for bloggers.

Use proper blogging tools

Adequate information-whatever your topic maybe it should be well researched and revised. Make sure you don’t put any wrong information in your blog. Try to read yourself, gain as much knowledge as you can, and then produce your blogs.


To have a successful blog, you have to keep patience and work hard. Success does not come easily; you must prepare yourself for failure first. Good blogs need time and experience to grow. First and foremost you should be happy about what you are doing. It’s about happiness not about money, if you are passionate about it then you can be successful undoubtedly. Along with these suggestions above, I think you should visit Today With Jay blog. Jay will give you some useful advice for your blogging.

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