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Introducing NOISE - Creative Onepage Music and Band WordPress Theme

If you are a regular reader of Deluxe Blog Tips, you might know that I and my team (FitWP) have been working on developing premium WordPress themes. After the first product, now FitWP team has just released 2nd one – NOISEa music WordPress theme for bands, DJs or for just a simple music website.

NOISE is a WordPress theme that FitWP invested so much effort and time developing, we focused not only on design quality but also functionality and coding. When this theme was just an idea, we put so many criteria on design in order to create an eye-catching and creative product for users. You can see the result at this demo website.

NOISE is designed as an Onepage website, a design trending in 2013-2014 (which is predicted that will be continued as a major trend in next year). Also in NOISE, you’ll find some idea from iOS 7 (Slide To Unlock), scroll effect, parallax, … which are all favourite design trends at this moment.

The special part in NOISE that have to be told about is management functionality of tracks (songs), artists, albums or events. There are clear options for that which make you feel easy to understand and use. More than that, there’re relations between these content (like between artists – songs, songs – albums, …) which will make your website a completed unify and logical. All this logic is displayed clearly, clean in the frontend.

Besides, you’ll see NOISE has an unique media player, which is developed from MediaElementJS – a HTML5 music player included in WordPress, but is built with a lot of appearance improvements and added many interesting functionality like: playlist, visualization, show song title (with scroll animation if it’s too long), …

Another strong point that can not be ignored is user interaction when using the website. All user actions like vote, play tracks, see track info, show  gallery of images, videos, … are carefully made in order to give users best experience.

With the desire of making a high quality product, FitWP team hope NOISE will satisfy user’s requirements and bring them a good time and feeling when using their websites.

Use NOISE now and let us know how you feel about that!

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