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Link Building: Reveal 7 Practical Techniques from SEO Experts

Search Engine Optimization heavily counts on link building. It not only enhances your website ranking on search engines but also helps you bring more traffic. As a result, you can increase your leads and sales, thereby leading to a significant business growth.

You can get abundant information about the interests of your customers through website analytics. Moreover, you can enhance engagement and considerably increase the referral links on the social media platforms as more and more readers share your content.

Having understood the benefits of link building, let us delver deeper into how to do it right.

1. Determine the right link partners

You can ascertain suitable link partners by conducting a detailed market research about the competitors and influencers.

At the outset, use tools such as SimilarWeb to figure out the content resources that drive the maximum traffic for your competitors. These tools can also tell you about the extent of traffic generated by your competitors through these links.


Once you know the primary referral sources, you can consider associating with them as a prospective link partner. However, make sure you evaluate the quality of these sources and confirm that they are important resources for your prospective clients. You should not rely on content scraper sites to build links.

In case you are wondering how to determine the genuineness of a website, here are some tips:

  • Make sure the websites do not look spammy and are not created solely for generating links.
  • Check the websites that hold the top ranks in Google.
  • Links from reliable websites are usually nofollowed.

After you verify the authenticity of the websites, you can request them for a link. You can look for influencers on BuzzSumo and approach them through social media or email to submit guest posts. You should write high quality posts that match the target audience of the website and follow the contributor guidelines.

Moreover, you can also approach highly trusted websites such as Inc.com, Entrepreneur, Smashing Magazine, etc. for guest posting opportunities or asking to be their guest author. Your author bio can bring in more visitors and referral traffic to your website. You should keep in mind that these platforms pick up the best articles from the submissions they receive, so be sure that your articles are well-researched without any grammatical flaws.

2. Use local business citations

local business

For local businesses, local SEO can work as a great idea for increasing the number of visitors to your site who employ local searches. Business owners who are looking forward to getting better positions in local search results can benefit greatly through local citations. These citations use three terms, namely Name, Address, and Phone number, abbreviated as ‘NAP’.

When you create your local business citation, you should write the same address that is written on the website.

Advantages of Local Business Citations:

  • Citation links help in boosting the local rankings and enable search engines to authenticate your business location.
  • Having links from Yelp, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Yellow Pages, etc. build your brand authority and trust with your customers, thereby enhancing your local search ranking.

You might also interested in local SEO tools to increase your brand authority and trust with your local customers.

3. Create infographics


Infographics is one of the most innovative ways to get links to your website. Here are the quick tips to make things easy for you.

  • Your infographic should be easy to understand and relevant for the target audience.
  • Make sure your infographic is not too heavy to load. See image optimization tips.
  • Include interesting and updated facts with statistics and graphs from credible sources in your content.
  • Write in a way that keeps the visitor hooked to your content till the end.
  • The flow of the infographic should be smooth and consistent.
  • Do not use more than three colors and two fonts.
  • Your infographic should have an engaging headline in less than 70 characters.
  • Optimize the infographic with the keywords and unique SEO title and description.

4. Build links with social bookmarking sites

social media

Social bookmarking sites allow the users to share their content over the Internet, through which you can get good backlinks to get visitors on your website.


  • Reddit
  • Medium

5. Build links through question-based sites


Quora, Yahoo! Answers, WikiAnswers, Questions.com, Moz Community, Answers, Stack Overflow, etc. are some of the websites that help you post answers and generate traffic for your website. There are several people who are looking for answers to their question. You can give them the correct information, thereby building brand visibility and enhancing your authority. You should keep in mind that this will not give you results overnight; you should be a regular contributor to these sites.

6. Comment on quality blogs from your industry

blog comments

One of the most effective ways to get backlinks on your website is to comment on high performing blogs from your industry. The trick is to write relevant comments that do not look like spam. You should go through the blog in detail and then elaborate a specific point. Your comment should reflect your expertise and be genuine enough to get approved in case the comments are moderated. Make sue you do not include any keywords in your name. Have your real name and email address so that you can build a strong rapport in the long run.

7. Try link roundups

Monthly, weekly or daily summaries of the most interesting content of the industry are known as link roundups. You can build such roundups by creating a post that can get you greater number of shares. Use Twitter search to get in touch with bloggers who are open to posting link roundups.

Final Thoughts

These seven tips are sure to work wonders for your link building strategy. Just remember: No matter which method you try, never buy and sell links and always do it in proportion so that you don’t put yourself at a risk of Google penalty. Besides, remember that there are many SEO tactics you should implement along with link building strategy, so don't just overuse this method only.

Happy Link Building!

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