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Lead Generation and Automated Newsletter WordPress Plugin Mailoptin Review

MailOptin is a lead generation and automated newsletter WordPress plugin brought to you by the same guys behind ProfilePress, a popular user profile, registration, login and account management plugin.

MailOptin is an excellent lead capture and email marketing plugin that can help you build an email list for your online business and grow your customer base.  If you really want to grow a successful online business, you cannot underestimate the importance of building an email list – after all, the money is in the list.

However, to grow that email list, you have to be very strategic. What works in the past no longer works in this age! You need to be very crafty using incentive to lure people to opt in to your list, and to make this happen you are going to need a beautiful, conversion-optimized opt-in form that isn’t intrusive but equally persuasive.

Introducing MailOptin

MailOptin is a feature-packed WordPress plugin that will allow you to start building list instantly. It is very flexible and easy to use. You do not need to have any prior knowledge of list building or coding to start seeing the result.

It is one of the best email list building software in the market with a great deal of features and options to get you started immediately without the need of any prior knowledge of coding. The reason of this is because it comes with built-in attractive templates and unlimited customization options to get your optin form ready within few minutes.

Unlike other alternatives in the market, MailOptin goes a step further to ensure your email list subscribers, readers and customers are nurtured and constantly engaged using its suite of event-triggered and automated emails including new post notification and email digest.

MailOptin Features

Here are some of the features of the plugin that make it special:

Easy-to-use & Clean User Interface

As soon as you install and activate MailOptin plugin, you will notice how easy it is to work with. The user interface is very friendly; it has a lot of description that explains every option. Basically, everything flows smoothly.

The settings page is kept at a minimum, then the other options are found in the dashboard area where you can create new optin forms, check campaign log, inspect optin analytics and set up connections with your email marketing service provider.

Creating Optin Forms

Creating a new op-tin form is a fantastic experience on MailOptin. You only need to click “Optin Campaigns” and start creating your forms. There are several optin form types to select from and they include:

Mailoptin form
Mailoptin form
  • Lightbox – This is a simple popup email subscriber form that overlays your site and offers users the ability to submit their mailing details to you while you collect them from the backend. This form can automatically be displayed or tweaked using any of the optin trigger such as exit-intent, scroll percentage etc.
  • Slide-in – This optin form slides into view at the bottom-right corner of your site.
  • In-Post - This option creates flexible optin forms before or after of your post or page content.
  • Notification Bar – This is a really awesome optin form displayed at the top of your site.
  • Sidebar/Widget – MailOptin allows you to create optin forms that can be displayed in any widget area of your site. This can be your sidebar or footer.

After choosing your optin form type, email provider and list, you can now fully customize your form. There are a lot of pre-designed templates ready for you to use or customize to your heart content.

After designing the template to suit your preference, you can now select a “Display Rule” that is applicable to your optin form type. Display rules include the ability to make different optin forms appear on your site depending on the response of your visitors. For example, you can make forms display only after the visitors has scroll down your site, or when your customer has visited a specific number of pages on your site. You can also prevent forms from showing in certain pages. The display rules and triggers are there to give you complete control over the display of your optin campaigns.

Supported Email Service Provider

MailOptin integrates will all the most popular email list management services, including MailChimp, Sendy, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, Drip, ConvertKit, MailerLite and AWeber. The integration is very straight-forward, on the “Connections” options page of the plugin, you will find the various ways to fully establish a connection to your email marketing service provider.

There is also a handy feature called “Lead Bank”. Here, you can view the data of your subscribers. The name, email, user agent and the page from where the lead was generated is displayed. From this page, you will also have the option to export your email list.

Mailoptin lead bank
Mailoptin lead bank


Every serious person who intends to build and grow an email list must care about data and analytics. The good news is that MailOptin also delivers on this aspect. The stats can be viewed on the “Optin Analytics” page. You will find every useful data to analyse the performance of your optin campaigns, including number of impression, conversions and other actionable data needed to tweak your optin forms for better performance.


Exit-intent Technology

The exit-intent feature on MailOptin makes aggressive email list building possible. As the name suggest, once a user is about to leave your site, MailOptin will trigger a popup optin form. This strategy can dramatically boost your mailing list because it doesn’t annoy or distract your visitors.

Exit-intent popup
Exit-intent popup

Once the optin popup is displayed, your user will naturally take a pause to see what’s up for them. The whole point is to take a step away from the old-school way of aggressive and annoying pop-ups.

New Post Notification

New post notification
New post notification

The plugin also ensures your email list subscribers are easily engaged using its built-in email trigger. Immediately you have a new post on your site, MailOptin will automatically trigger your mailing list with a “New Post Notification” newsletter in a beautiful and attractive template.

Display Rules

The plugin has a lot of display rules including the scroll and page views triggers we previously talked about. Beside them, there is also “time on site” and click launch. The former allows you to set your optin to display after visitors or users have been on your site for a duration of time. And the latter when users click a link, button or image on your site.

Page-Level Targeting

The page level targeting feature on MailOptin gives you the ability to display optin forms on specific areas of your site. While you can allow the display of optin forms, you can also prevent optin forms from appearing on specified posts, pages and categories in your WordPress site.

This is a great feature because it leaves you with several methods to collect mailing details from your visitors and segment them into different list. For example, if you have a page talking about pensions, you can have a dedicated list of pension subscribers, and another page on yoga exercise with an opt-in form to grow a mailing list for those set of people.  The page level targeting feature, if used properly is one way to build an effective email list building strategy.

Support & Documentation

There is a documentation area in the official site where articles about getting started, integrations, account management and other important information are published.

You can send your technical support questions to the company, but its pays to go with the Pro Plan because it comes with priority support.


There are three affordable plans to select from, each having its own level of features you can access within its license. The plugin comes with flexible pricing options; you can either choose the monthly or the yearly plan.

Here is a breakdown:

Standard – $99 per year for unlimited opt-in campaigns, exit-intent, sidebar forms, before/after post forms and email support.

Pro – $199 per year for all features in the previous plan, including advanced optin analytics, priority email support, WooCommerce, EDD integrations and lots more.

When you purchase any of the premium plans, you will get support and updates for one year. However, you will miss out on updates and support at the expiration of your license, but you will still be able to use the plugin regardless.

Get MailOptin Lite to try for free or purchase a premium plan on the official MailOptin website.

In Summary

The depth of the MailOptin plugin in terms of functionality breaks the boundaries of limitation which makes it a premium email marketing tool to have. It is a terrific and simple solution to effectively build a mailing list on any WordPress site. Besides the features discussed here, there are lots of other features too.

Interacting with MailOptin is an all-round enjoyable experience. You will instantly realize the amount of work the developers put into the plugin, to make it packed with features, yet very easy to use. The plugin presents every step in the simplest manner possible, you do not need to have any prior knowledge of programming to use the plugin to start and grow a mailing list.

MailOptin solves a lot of problems associated with building a mailing list. The exit-intent feature on the plugin changes the way you can aggressively build a mailing list without dramatically distracting or annoying your users. Then, it gives you full control with endless customization options while the built-in analytics makes it really easy to monitor your progress.

If you are serious and passionate about growing your mailing list, then you should download this plugin right away. Also, there are other strategies to have more lead you can try besides using this plugin.

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