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How Can A Marketing Agency Help Get Your Wordpress Site Off The Ground

A WordPress site is every blogger’s best friend. This is where they create their posts and their content before posting them. Here, a WordPress user can do everything. From the content to the images and even to the tags, meta tags, and alt tags, it’s that all-in-one site for posting blogs and other content types.

As effective as it may sound, there’s still a need to market your website. It doesn’t just stop with publishing a blog. After all, you can be sure that there are at least thousands more blogs on the Internet that you’ll be competing against. This is where the help of a marketing agency will come in handy.

You may have asked yourself numerous times on what a marketing agency can do to jumpstart your WordPress site. Find out the answers below.

1. Can Help You Find SEO Errors That Causes Complications With Ranking

The first way in which a marketing agency can help you is that it can spot SEO errors more effortlessly than you can. After all, this is their field of expertise. It’s necessary to spot SEO errors early on. If not, these errors are going to pull your WordPress site even lower to the ground. These errors are the most common SEO mistakes, but can only be realized by the experts:

  • Duplicate content. Your WordPress site is posting exactly the same material with another site, or even with a different website name or domain name. If your blog is posting duplicate contents, search engines can’t decide which one to post first on the search results. If you’re not lucky, your page may go even further through the last slot of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  • Slow page loading speed. You may be too immersed with the content that you forget about the speed. Remember that on the Internet, the faster, the better.
  • Not having a specific target market or niche. You can’t be too general with your target market. As is the case in any marketing strategy, you’ve got to be very specific.

These are only a few of the many SEO errors that Philadelphia digital marketing agencies can help you spot. With their help, you’re sure to discover other things and issues in your WordPress site.

 A Marketing Agency Help Get Your WordPress Site Off The Ground

2. Can Help Guide You On How To Better Market Your Blog

After you’ve launched your WordPress site, now you’re faced with another significant issue. How are you going to market your blog? With thousands of other blogs on the World Wide Web, you have to strive to make it up against the more popular blogs.

The goal of every website is to improve their rankings. This means that after an Internet user keys in a search on an engine, your blog or WordPress site should make it to the top page landing results. And, the only way to achieve this is through effective and efficient marketing.

Marketing Agency Help Guide You On How To Better Market Your Blog

With blogs, however, marketing can get trickier. It is, after all, moving at a fast pace. Developments are coming in daily, and it’s up to you to keep up with these digital marketing trends. It’s here that a marketing agency can help you out. These agencies are always updated on the latest trends, such as the following:

3. Can Help Give Advice On Subtle Changes That Can Make Your Blog Visually Appealing

When posting a blog, the content does matter a lot. But, content shouldn’t be meant only to refer to the text. This should also include the visuals or the media that you intend to add. With the help of a digital marketing agency, you can create subtle changes to make your blog visually appealing. That way, you’re able to capture the attention of your target market.

4. Can Provide Feedback About Google Issues Which May Be Affecting Your Blog

Google is one of the major search engines that people use globally. Because of its popularity, it’s also the search engine that has the most significant influence on websites and their respective rankings. If you’ve long been wanting to raise your WordPress site off the ground, one of the best places for you to start checking your performance is through Google Analytics. Here, you can have a gauge as to what you can do to improve your rankings or your standing.

But, after browsing through your rankings, how do you know what to do? Taking in the services of a marketing agency is your best recourse. These agencies are well versed and are experts in Google issues that you need to address, like the following:

  • Check for the Google Algorithm update. Google likes to update and play around with their algorithm regularly. This may be a culprit as to why your rankings have dropped.
  • Your content quality is poor. When talking about content quality, this refers to the entirety. This includes the length, the keywords, and other factors.
  • You don’t have valuable backlinks. As of writing, backlinks are still one of the first considerations for Google ranking factors.
  • You don’t meet Google’s mobile-first indexing. This refers to your site’s compatibility with mobile phones. If it isn’t, Google drops your ranking as well.


After collaborating with a marketing agency, you’ll slowly see positive results with your WordPress site. These marketing agencies have relevant experiences in digital marketing that could help you. And, when you’re moving in a highly competitive industry, you’ll need all the professional help that you can have. Here, you’ll realize that hiring a digital marketing agency is going to be one of the best things that you’ll ever do for your website.

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