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Meta Box 4.3 Released - Lots of improvements, new field types and fixes

We’ve worked on the Meta Box plugin for almost 5 months and today I’m glad to tell you that the new version 4.3 of the plugin is released. This version comes with a lot of bug fixes in 4.2.4 (mostly related with file_advanced and image_advanced), many new field types and some improvements in the code.

New Field Types:

There’re 7 new field types:

  • divider: display a simple horizontal line
  • heading: display a heading, useful when you want to separate parts of meta box (mostly used with divider)
  • button: display a simple button, ready for you to attach jQuery event
  • range: jQuery UI range field
  • oembed: want to display Youtube, Vimeo? Comes with preview feature, using WordPress built-in oEmbed feature
  • email: HTML5 email field
  • post: allow you to select related posts, series of posts, etc.

These fields comes with some particular options. Please read the demo.php file for reference.

Code Improvements

  • Meta box: add default_hidden option to allow us to hide the meta box by default. The meta box can appear again using Screen Option on the top right of the screen.
  • Meta box: add autosave option that will auto saves fields in meta box when WordPress runs its autosave feature.
  • Date and time fields:
    • Add timestamp option to allow us save value in Unix timestamp.
    • Add localization for these fields, which is automatically used when you switch WordPress to your language, e.g. use the same language as WordPress.
  • File and image:
    • Add force_delete option to let us remove uploaded files from Media Library when delete.
    • Add ID in result returned by rwmb_meta helper function.
    • Using underscore.js library for better control with Javascript. It also improve speed of adding new files.
    • Fully able to translate all strings
  • Map: can have multiple map on 1 page now.
  • WYSIWYG: add raw option to allow us to save meta value without processing by wpautop.
  • Color picker: now uses new color picker (Iris) from WordPress 3.5 (still support older version with older color picker).
  • Slider: add prefix and suffix for text labels and js_options for more JS options

Again, please read the demo.php file to now how to use these options.

Bug fixes

Although the plugin has a lot of features, the big reason that I couldn’t release it sooner because there were big bugs, mostly related with file_advanced and image_advanced. People reported it on Github, support forum and directly via emails. I can’t say how appreciate I do. That’s amazing of WordPress community! And I want to thank funkedgeek, corvannoorloos, gawainlynch and many of developers who helped me a lot in developing, fixing bugs. I also want to give thank to great users who reported the bugs and spent time describing the buggy process!

So, here are the short list of bugs that we fixed:

  • Show full size image after upload if thumbnail is not available
  • New added file not shown
  • Issue with color field disappearing
  • max_file_upload now works for normal file & image as well
  • Problem with uploading with the advanced fields
  • File & image advanced not saving
  • select_advanced cloning issue
  • plupload_image ordering

There’re more bugs, but I couldn’t count them all. We still have bugs in the queue, but I think big bugs are fixed, and the plugin is quite stable.

So, download the new version of Meta Box now! And let me know how you use it, love it or whatever you find out buggy or need improvement!

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