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Mobirise: Must-have Free Website Builder in 2019

Building websites with great features without having to learn or write any code is no longer news. As you know, WordPress had Gutenberg which is oriented to be a website builder in its 2nd phase of progress. With that, there are dozens of page builders support for WordPress as well as other website builders released over the years. That’s why you can see the drag and drop trend is something unavoidable. One of them is Mobirise, a Free Website Builder.

Mobirise has been around for quite a while now and has also gained much popularity among free web designers, and critics/reviewers alike. In this review, you will see what Mobirise Website builder is and why it is your top must-have software for 2019 if you’re looking towards building great sites, especially when you are looking for some other platforms which are not WordPress.

What is Mobirise?

Mobirise is a tech company which deals with the design of software. Mobirise is the name of software built by Mobirise, it is a free app that can be used offline, to build and design webpages. Webpages that can be designed using Mobirise vary in range and are usually easy to create using the standard templates which are provided and updated by the creators.

Mobirise website builder

There are hundreds of templates to choose from; each with its unique feature and design. Mobirise is just perfect for website builders with little or no experience, as anyone who can read and understand can very easily follow the prompts and directions to create a site. Professionals will also find this app a very beautiful and useful respite from hours of long coding.

Mobirise templates

As aforementioned, Mobirise comes preinstalled with hundreds (over 1500) of website blocks, templates and designed themes to help you get started. Each template and theme is designed to be classy and expressive of your purpose. Built for nonprofit and commercial purposes, template categories include agency, company, event, portfolio, shop, photography, sport, travel, consulting, gaming, wedding, real estate, medical, legal to mention but a few. Whatever your niche, Mobirise has themes that are the latest designs and will help you build unique and responsive sites.

Mobirise comes preinstalled with hundreds (over 1500) of website blocks, templates and designed themes

How Mobirise works

Mobirise Free Website Builder is very easy to use and by simply following instructions on the screen, a user can very easily navigate through and create a site. To create a site, three fundamental steps are followed.

  • Select your desired template: Access the huge base of Bootstrap and AMP templates and select one that fits your style and needs. Once you do, register a name for your site and then settle down to edit it.
  • Design and edit the template as you want: Each template comes with blocks that are pretty easy to build with. Think of it as building a house step by step, block by block, one by one. The difference here – apart from the obvious – is that you get to know where to put in the blocks and get your desired output. Editing a Bootstrap template can be achieved by simply dragging blocks to where you want them to be. There is a menu of blocks for every template, all you have to do is select the block which resonates with your needs, after which you can then drag it down to where you want it. You can also edit text inline and make sure of your settings.
Design and edit the template as you want with Mobirise website builder
  • Setup your site and get published: Once you are done setting up your template, you can simply publish your website and that is that. Use the free hosting provided by Mobirise, publish your website locally, upload it directly to your server via FTP or to GitHub Pages.

Key features of Mobirise

This software has some unique features that have propelled it to the fore of “codeless” website building and design. Some features include:

A user-focused interface

Mobirise website builder is designed with the user in mind. Customizable options are very much available in order to allow you to express yourself as much as possible with your website. You’re in essence, the master of your page and can add or remove any feature you want or do not want on your website.

Mobirise is a user-focused interface

Trendy designs

The designers at Mobirise sure know their jobs! Mobirise offers up-to-date and trendy designs which will amaze you with the understanding of the times that the web designs exhibit. This is yet another feature which gets people to use Mobirise more; there is no need paying for web design when you can get some of the best themes and templates in the top best categories presently, for free.

Optimized for all devices

Mobirise websites are optimized to bring the best user experience across a wide range of devices and platforms. Specially focusing on mobile platforms, Mobirise websites have continually been accepted and generally rank well on Google search pages. As this is a goal for most sites, it is very important to get your site developed here. Mobirise also incorporates the new Accelerated Mobile Pages technology to make pages load faster.

Fast, easy to use setup

Building sites with the drag and drop feature makes Mobirise a great choice for everyone as it offers ease and efficiency in a rather affordable package.

Watch the video to learn more about Mobirise:


In 2019, there is no saying that you must have this software if you want to build free, easy and responsive sites. But you definitely have a lot to gain with Mobirise.

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