New plugin: User Visit Log

I’m developing a WordPress e-commerce website for a friend which serves only registered users, e.g. private clients. He wants to analyze his users to understand what they need, how they use the website and how helpful the website is for them. So I developed a custom plugin to track users visits by day and provide a custom analytic report to my friend and that’s how User Visit Log was born.


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Basically User Visit Log, as its name, tracks all user visits by day. The difference from this plugin and other available plugins is it tracks only logged-in users and count only visits, not page views. So you can see that a client A visits the website quite frequently and client B doesn’t. Then you can adjust your business plan or support strategy to do more support for client A than client B. There’re so many things you can think about when you have the report in hand.

The User Visit Log doesn’t have anything to be configured. Just installed and it works automatically. You will see 2 dashboard widgets for the reports of today visits and an overview of user visits in the last 30 days. In the future, I will add more features. Right now it’s good to start.

Here are some screenshots of the plugin:

user visit log - overview

user visit log - today visits

The plugin is available on and you can use it now:


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If you like the plugin, please let me know in the comments. If you don’t like it, … well, let me now in the comments.

The plugin is open source, you can fork it on Github


  1. This is good plugin but it only track logged in users. What about who don’t login and he is not a new comer? I think, this plugin may be good at some side, but normally, we don’t need to track them at all as it could make more query to database and somehow it make our site slow.
    Google analytic would be great ideas 🙂

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