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Top 5 WordPress Premium Frameworks

This is a guest post from JayKrishna Yadav who has been contributing some articles about blogging for Deluxe Blog Tips. This time, he writes an article for WordPress beginners which will give you a first look at the top 5 WordPress premium frameworks. Enjoy it!

WordPress is used on a regular basis by the majority of the bloggers in the world to deliver their fresh word to the whole world and it is also used to run a huge number of general purpose websites. The advantages with WordPress are; it is very user friendly, easy to set up and widely known as the most solid CMS platform.

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Tips to help you become a creative blogger

Blogging has now become a place for people to hang out and share their knowledge. Apart from this, blogging can also give you online recognition and at the same time you can make money online through blogging. But when it comes to start the blogging journey, many people get confused on what to write and how to write so that one can get maximum exposure. We will be discussing these facts here so that one can become a creative blogger and one would never think on what to write and what not.

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Don’t Use Akismet

No doubt that Akismet is one of the best anti spam plugin for WordPress. But it’s not as good as I thought. The problem appear a few months ago when I noticed that my blog (Deluxe Blog Tips) ran too slow. People couldn’t comment or post new thread at support forum (which was a bbPress forum). Some kind people also sent me emails warning me and complaining me about that, because they really need support for some of my plugins. That forced me to dig into the problem and find a solution. Unfortunately, I found that Akismet is one of them, which made me really surprised as I always think any product from Automatic is well-tested and verified by the community.

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