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6 Trends To Consider In Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Word of mouth or viva voce is no longer the speed at which information travels. Information travels at the speed of light. An incident on a street in Los Angeles can now be streamed live to a global audience in real-time by anyone.

In a world where new innovations pop up almost on a daily basis, how do you come up with a cogent social media marketing strategy when new technologies that you need to compete effectively are still on the drawing board?

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Homebrew FTW

I have a Macbook Air and use it for development my WordPress products. On that Macbook, I usually install a bundle of software like Google Chrome, Firefox, FileZilla, Flux, … and a lot of development tools like Valet, PHP7.1, Composer, MariaDB, NodeJS, … It has been working fine until I want to remove them. Sadly there’s no official way to remove them completely. I tried some utility to help but it can’t work for some development tools (removing NodeJS is a nightmare!). So I searched for a better way to manage my software on Mac and I found Homebrew! It is a great tool and you should try it right now.

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Monstroid2 Review – The New Generation WordPress Theme

One can find literally thousands of great and beautiful themes in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, the process of choosing the right one suitable for your business purpose is a tricky task. Indeed, it will take your time. As long as there are enough themes with all the bells and whistles included, make sure you really need them all. Once you know the answer what you want and what your audience needs, you are ready to choose a theme for your web project.

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