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Quick Jump To WordPress Codex Function With Chrome Search Hack

As a WordPress developer, we visit WordPress Codex several times a day to look for the documentation for a function or a class. I don’t know how other developers search for a function on WordPress Codex, but I often use Google for this job (and the search box at WordPress Codex uses Custom Google Search, too). So the procedure for looking the documentation for a function is as long as this:

  • Go to
  • Type the function name and click Search
  • Click on the 1st result (sometimes the 2nd result)

It takes time. And I want to make it faster. Thank the Google Chrome and this excellent inspirational post, now we can do that with the Address bar in Google Chrome, e.g. just type wp wp_enqueue_script in the address bar, then press Enter and we’ll go the exact page on WordPress Codex.

How to do that?

Go to Google Chrome Settings, and click on Manage Search Engines button to add WordPress Codex search:


Add WordPress Codex Search

Add WordPress Codex Search

Then scroll to the bottom and add a new search engine for WordPress Codex with the following settings:

  1. Add a new search engine: WordPress Codex
  2. Keyword: wp
  3. URL with %s in place of query:
WordPress Codex Search Configure

WordPress Codex Search Configure

Then click the Done button.

Now simply type wp add_action in the address bar and press Enter, you will instantly navigate to the WordPress Codex page for add_action function.

Update: If you want to search on, then change the search URL to

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