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Giveaway worth $600 - Get Security Ninja and protect your WordPress sites

You know one of the most irritating thing about having a website is that you are always prone to hackers getting into your site and stealing not only your data but causing loss of money as well? You can check your WordPress site quickly to see how protected you are against possible attacks on your site. In comes Security Ninja, a WordPress plugin that helps thousands to stay safe and prevent downtime due to security issues with their website. What does Security Ninja do you might ask?

Security Ninja will run through more than 40 tests on your website to check how vulnerable it is towards a hacker’s attack. Not only that, Security Ninja will take preventive measures against attacks and make sure that script kiddies are unable to hack your side. With Security Ninja, you will also be getting code snippets that will enable quick fixes as well. It might sound complicated to you but remember one very important point, with Security Ninja, your website is safe from hacker attacks, which in other words also mean a good night of sleep.

Rated 5 stars out of 5 in, Security Ninja provides a free version as well where users can add it to their website and test out its free features first. If you love what you see and what you are offered, then they have a premium version with paid modules that you will love at a price that will not hurt your wallet! (trust us, for that amount of money, it’s worth skipping the hair pulling moments when hacker gets to you).

Pro modules

With the PRO module, you will be getting these features:

  • Core scanner module – Security Ninja will be scanning your core WordPress files and make sure nothing is changed without permission. If something is changed, you can undo the change in one simple click.
  • Malware scanner module – If you are concerned about malware attack, worry not anymore. Security Ninja will go through every single corner of your website to make sure that it’s clean from malware, ensuring a smooth moving site all the time.
  • Scheduled scanner module – We are all busy people, and sometimes we tend to forget things such as scanning your website for any abnormalities. Well, with the PRO module, you can schedule your scanning, and the best part is, you will be informed via email if there are any changes done to your website. Focus on your work, let Security Ninja do the cleaning.
  • Event logger module – With event logger module, you can know everything that happens with your website in detail! In simple, the Event Logger is an eye that sees all that is going on with your website and you, the user, gets to see what the eye sees as well.

How much would it cost you?

  • For $39, you can get a license for one site, and you even get free updates and full support for one whole year!
  • For $79, you get to install the plugin on 99 sites, and yes, you will get one year of free upgrade and support as well!
  • For $199, not only will you get free lifetime updates and support, you will get to install the plugin to up to 99 sites of both yours and your clients!

Please also remember that the paid module comes with all PRO modules that we have mentioned above.

Giveaway – 3 lifetime licenses ($199 each)

I’m happy to host a giveaway for Security Ninja on Deluxe Blog Tips. Each participant will have a chance to get a lifetime license (worth $199). To join the giveaway, please:

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What are you waiting for? Get Security Ninja now!

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