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5 WordPress Plugins for Social Bookmarking

Adding social bookmark buttons to your blog is a useful element for the "socialization" of a project. With their help, readers will be able to share a link to an article on your blog on their Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and other popular services. Today I would like to talk about the methods of adding buttons to your blog.

Adding social networking icons to WordPress itself has a huge number of plugin types that we can use for different purposes. When we find the best, we often use the plugin, it's simple and you don't need to have programming experience. Although there are many different plugins that offer full functionality, are easily customizable and can solve the needs of a wider audience.

So, here are these plugins:

1. Easy Social Share Button for WordPress

[wp-pic type="plugin" slug="easy-social-share-buttons" layout="large"]

This plugin allows you to share information on social networks. It provides perfect adaptability and allows you to share with 45 social networks. It is not only a large selection of full-featured icons for social networks but also 52 multimedia templates with different design options. This is also an exhibit that can be your own customization. It is estimated that more than 60,000 sites already use the Easy Social Share Button plugin.


  • Easy Social Share Button plugin;
  • More than 52 templates;
  • More than 25 animations;
  • Different styles and button dimensions;
  • Template adjusters;
  • Several styles of counters;
  • Social Evidence stock counters.

2. WP Social Sharing

[wp-pic type="plugin" slug="wp-social-sharing" layout="large"]

This one adds very attractive, responsive social networking buttons to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Xing, Google+ for WordPress posts, pages, media or any other type of post. WP Social Sharing is a free and light plugin that allows you to add your own CSS and JavaScript to it. It's not only a simple and easy to use the plugin but also 100% responsive social sharing buttons.


  • 100% Responsive;
  • Allows adding text to share buttons;
  • Automatically displayed in messages, pages, multimedia, and custom message types;
  • Social networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Xing, and Pinterest support;
  • Custom text social buttons;
  • Easy changeable icons’ order;
  • Provides shortcodes that can be easily integrated with any theme;
  • Buttons created using CSS3. For a device with a width of fewer than 480 pixels, this plugin uses a single image to display social networking icons.

3. Mash share

[wp-pic type="plugin" slug="mashsharer" layout="large"]

This is one of the best social optimizations of your website. The plugin has fully ready-to-use social media sharing buttons so you just need a simple to set up and attractive "Share" button that will make visitors want to browse through your amazing content.

Features of Mash Share plugin:

  • High-performance icons for social networks - easy to use - share buttons for the most common networks High-resolution vector font icons without quality loss;
  • Shows the total number of shares in social networks;
  • Object and temporary caches provide incredibly high speed of social network icons execution;
  • Shortcodes;
  • Extensible with multiple add-ons (Google Analytics, more social networks, responsive, YouTube Video Share and more...);
  • Customizable;
  • Intelligent (virtual) stock counting function. Add virtual promotions to your new articles. Use psychological aspects to increase real shares.

4. Custom Share Buttons with Floating Sidebar

[wp-pic type="plugin" slug="custom-share-buttons-with-floating-sidebar" layout="large"]

This one can show you buttons to share in social media anywhere: in your post, on your website pages, at the top/bottom of your content with a floating block on the right/left - as you wish.


  • Setting the position of the buttons (left or right);
  • Adding a background button color;
  • Automatic closing of the sidebar buttons when loading the page;
  • Determining the position of the share buttons (above/below the content);
  • Show/hide parameters for any buttons;
  • Setting the position of the floating sidebar (left / right / bottom);
  • Possibility to define a general interest image;
  • Options of message editing ("Show buttons", "Hide buttons", etc.);
  • Possibility to hide the "Share" button on pages or in messages;
  • Control the plugin style;
  • Adding a custom image to any button;
  • Share buttons for each message or page;
  • Floating side panel;
  • Ability to disable the sidebar on mobile devices.

5. Social Warfare

[wp-pic type="plugin" slug="social-warfare" layout="large"]

This plugin helps you set up how your content will be distributed and get the most out of each individual promotion on your website. You can also choose where you want the buttons to appear - above/below, both above and below your posts. Managed placement is also possible.


  • Attractiveness;
  • Speed of action;
  • Adjustability;
  • Pinterest images;
  • User Tweets;
  • General quotes;
  • Twitter card;
  • Social Evidence;
  • Responsiveness;
  • Content Protection.

Pick the one you like and enjoy!

Author bio: Roy Emerson is a technology enthusiast, a loving father of twins, a programmer in a custom software company. Editor in chief of It-Rate.co, greedy reader and gardener.

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