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The easy way to build a website: SITE123

SITE123 is a simple, effective free website builder that makes it easy for any beginner to create blogs, promo sites, landing pages, and small online stores with no prior design experience or technical knowledge. The website builder is geared towards non-savvy users and small businesses that need to quickly design a beautiful, professional-looking website either for personal use or for a client.


How it works

The SITE123 website builder comes with a wide range of salient options and features to improve users' experience as well as meet their much needed expectations. The many options provided allow individuals to articulate how their new site will look once it goes live. A person can preview it up front, either as a one-page or multipage site to simulate the best-matching variant. Users can play around with both versions before publishing to ensure they’re left with a version that’s suitable for their goals. 


The Benefits of choosing SITE123

1. Easy to use

This versatile website builder strikes a balance between being easy to use and being powerful. SITE123 is tailored specifically for absolute beginners who might not be familiar with anything regarding code. The program's graphical interface is jam-packed with a handful of options that allow you to simply drag objects around based on how you want your website to look upon completion.

2. A great selection of templates

Each theme can be easily customized to fit a person's interest and goals. You can add new pages, change font size and color, delete sections you don't want on your site, and much more.

3. Support multiple languages

SITE123 is a great option for people who are looking to build a site that caters to a large audience from different backgrounds. The site builder supports more than 56 different languages, which allow the audience to easily navigate around your site. The editor section has a unique side-by-side view that helps individuals easily change their site into any language of their choosing. 

4. Fantastic 24/7 Customer Support Chat

One of the things that makes SITE123 stand out is their 24/7 support chat. The company employs highly trained, helpful tech support agents who make sure any customer can receive assistance at any time. The SITE123 support agents speak over a dozen languages amongst them and will do whatever it takes to make sure clients are satisfied with website and understand how to do what they want to do.

customer support

5. Custom Domain Search & Domain Solutions

Finding and ordering the right domain can be tricky for people who don't know how domains work. SITE123 makes it easy for people to search for available domains and order them through their own system. This allows customers to acquire their domain and connect it to their website in barely any time at all. Customer convenience is a major priority and the SITE123 custom domain search is one more example of that!

domain search

6. UI and Themes

Finally, SITE123 also has a super easy and intuitive interface, and its themes are built with amazing code that delivers great SEO results for any website. This ensures all websites hosted on this platform are fully responsive and easily accessible across all mobile devices.


SITE123 is well-suited for non-savvy users and companies seeking a clean, professional and fully-functional site that doesn't require extreme design options. Whether you're hoping to start a small bed & breakfast hotel or a booking service, this free website builder takes care of everything for you with just a few clicks!