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WooCommerce Delivery Time 2.0 - Now You Can Restrict By Date Ranges

WooCommerce Delivery Time plugin is an extension for WooCommerce plugin that I wrote when I was supporting Flexishop 2 theme. Its mission at first is very simple: allowing customers to pick date and time for delivery when shipping on checkout page. Since then there’re some requests asking me to update it with more features. And now the version 2.0 with almost all needs.

In version 2.0, the plugin has 3 new features:

1. Ability to choose language: Now it has all 74 languages supported by jQueryUI date picker.

2. Ability to restrict week days for shipping: You can choose to offer shipping on Monday & Thursday only, for example.

3. Ability to restrict some dates or date ranges: this is the most powerful feature, that allows you to prevent customers require shipping on holidays and/or help you to provide shipping on certain days of a month. The power comes from its ability to handle star character (*) which represents any day, month or year.


  • 1/1/* – No shipping on January 1st of any year (New Year)
  • */1/2014 – No shipping on first day of any month of 2014
  • 12/24/* - 1/1/* – No shipping from December 24th to January 1st of next year
  • */1/* - */5/* – No shipping on first 5 days of any month of any year
  • 8/*/* - 12/1/* – No shipping from August to December 1st of any year

If you’re new to this plugin, consider buying it now.

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