WordPress the Emerging Monopoly in CMS (Infographic)

The WPTemplate team created a nice infographic for WordPress, which says WordPress is the emerging monopoly in CMS. This infographic includes some interesting points:

  • By March 2012 WordPress has about 72.4 million users
  • WordPress provides hosting to more than 50% of the CMS users and more than 45% of the top 100 sites as rated by Technorati
  • Around 500,000 posts, 100 domains are created each day
  • WordPress boasts of 3 million searches worldwide per month
  • The median rate of a Word press project to be $50 p/h
  • WordPress has 19,000+ plug-ins

And here is the full infographic:

WordPress - The Emerging Monopoly In CMS

@Power by WPTemplate

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