WordPress plugin for building internal links

WordPress plugin for building internal links

WordPress plugin for building internal links

Internal links are links on your website that point to other pages of the website. Internal links is an important SEO factor, that helps search engines to understand website structure and index more pages of website. In this post, we will discover a WordPress plugin, Internal Link Building, for automatically linking between posts and pages of WordPress blog.

Internal Link Building gives you ability to link blog posts or pages correspondingly keywords. Assign keywords to destination URLs, every time a keyword occurs, it links to the page you defined (as in the screenshot above).

Some key features of Internal Link Building plugin:

  1. Allow mass-upload keywords. So you just need to prepare a CSV file in Excel and then copy-paste it into the mass-upload box in your admin panel and then click upload! This is great for larger sites targeting multiple keywords that want to speed things up. 
  2. Can make cAsE ReLeVaNT to your links. Check the “Exact Match” checkbox for it to only match when the case is the same as you typed the word into the admin panel. Leave it unchecked to have all cases link to your selected page. 
  3. Post-level overrides of globally-assigned keywords
  4. Link to sources or affiliate links whom you reference a lot
  5. Make a link nofollow. Optionally you can add “nofollow” attribute to the links (for example to external ones). 
  6. Link multiple keywords to a single URL. Target all a page’s keywords at once! Just put a space, a pipe (eg |) and a space between the multiple keywords. E.g. affiliate | affiliate marketing. More efficiency! More time savings!
  7. Link a single keyword to multiple URLs. If you would like a keyword to randomly link to one of several URLs, separate each URL with a bar ‘|’.
  8. Pick the number of times a keyword will link to a particular URL. If you only want the words social media to link to your social media category once, you can do that. Notice that social gets linked next, since I also have that keyword assigned to link to the same page.

To download plugin, you must subscribe to RSS of author’s website. The download link is in RSS feed’s footer, below any post.


  1. Yes! I can say that finally I got very informative post regarding internal links..Thanks for sharing such a nice posr

  2. Yes no doubt Internal links are most important thing according to seo. with this task bounce rate is decrease and page views are increase. thanks dear for telling this awesome plugin.

  3. After Google Penguin I don’t like using these sorts of plugins since they generate a lot of links with the same anchor text. Some SEO experts say that internal links don’t count. I build my internal links manually. Maybe I’m just too afraid of Google updates 🙂

  4. Hey!

    I’ve read your whole list of Internal linking wordpress plugin. Its one of the best tool to internally link content on auto pilot mode with a simple plugin. I like and bought the one mentioned by Harsh on his blog Smart SEO link. . and i must say that its one of the best plugin. apart from one can also use popular post plugin and related one .
    Thank you for sharing it.

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