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Top 5 WordPress Premium Frameworks

This is a guest post from JayKrishna Yadav who has been contributing some articles about blogging for Deluxe Blog Tips. This time, he writes an article for WordPress beginners which will give you a first look at the top 5 WordPress premium frameworks. Enjoy it!

WordPress is used on a regular basis by the majority of the bloggers in the world to deliver their fresh word to the whole world and it is also used to run a huge number of general purpose websites. The advantages with WordPress are; it is very user friendly, easy to set up and widely known as the most solid CMS platform.

But it is very unfortunate that lot of people are unaware of the extra horsepower that is hiding behind the WordPress. The extra power can only be utilized by using framework to build your new projects.

WordPress frameworks give you the power to manage your website exactly to your needs. It may either be altering the look or to add additional social networking functions and rating systems. Websites which are built by using WordPress frameworks are easier to optimize for SEO which is a very major advantage from the very beginning.

Here you can find the top 5 frameworks which can be very useful for your site.

StudioPress – Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework is very popular and it has a massive community support. It includes wide range of layout options, really powerful custom widgets and nice, clean code which reduces the development time and enables the developer to concentrate on other important things. It has also got the great SEO options and the security feature is also praiseworthy and most of all Genesis is a pleasure to work with.

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Pagelines – PageLines Framework

PageLines offers a wide range of modern options which tells that it is powerful and future proof. It has great responsive design, drag and drop functionality and forum integration which make it ready to go on desktops as well as mobile devices.

Though PageLines is more expensive than other average WordPress framework but with regular updates and a passionate team behind it, you can have complete control over your website from the very beginning.

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DIY Themes – Thesis Framework

You can be very sure of the fact that Thesis framework is a very solid platform as even the head of SEO for Google uses a WordPress framework. Thesis though has some bad reputation as its design is its strength and it’s weakness as well.

If you are looking for building a cutting edge design site then it’s may not be for you. However you can still modify it with some CSS work so that it looks different enough to make its presence in the crowd. Thesis is mainly popular due to its speed and possibly the best integrated SEO control.

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Headway Themes – Headway Framework

Headway is a drag and drop framework that allows a simple way to build a website from scratch without being a programming ninja. It provides a grid layout to build on top and with these building blocks one can easily put together a powerful website.

The layout of your site is completely customizable as you can arrange your layout by drag and drop and it is one of its kinds to offer such a level of power with a visual interface.

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Pro Theme Design – Elemental Framework

Elemental Framework includes some animated drop down menus, custom page templates for different areas of your website. And with this Elemental Framework it is very easy to modify page layouts. As it delivers very high quality websites in no time with great results so it is very much popular amongst Bloggers.

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Undoubtedly these are the best WordPress frameworks and will give you detailed insight information about WordPress. I may have missed some one but picked the best for you all. These frameworks are advantageous and best but though there is always a room for improvement hopes in future we will have more efficient frameworks but till now these are one of the most popular and best frameworks.

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