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WordPress Reference Guide - An Useful Cheat Sheet For WordPress Users

One of the features of WordPress that makes it superior to other CMSes is the online documentation (Codex). Everyone from designers to developers, from beginners to experts can find almost everything they need at the Codex. However, in some cases the Codex is too complicated, too detailed and we don’t need that much. That’s the time when WordPress Reference Guide comes in.

WordPress Reference Guide

WordPress Reference Guide is a cool WordPress cheat sheet, made by DBS>Interactive. It lists template tags in a beautiful and interactive way. Each template tag can be viewed with details by clicking on its name: a slide down effect will show the documentation, which is similar (but shorter) to the WordPress Codex, for that template tag.

WordPress Reference Guide is really helpful for people who are building themes. The disadvantage of this tool is it doesn’t offer any downloadable file. That means you must go to the website when you want to look at the reference. Maybe a bookmark should help.

Give the reference a look, and I’m sure you’ll like it.

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