How I increased jQuery performance over 800% with a simple trick

Despite the grow of JavaScript frameworks, jQuery still is the most popular library used in normal web apps. We use jQuery heavily in our Meta Box plugin for WordPress. One of major problems that we face when using jQuery for the clone feature is the slowness. While cloning, the plugin does a lot of work such as creating a new DOM element, adjust the input index, reset the values, etc. For simple fields, these actions are quite fast. But for groups, it takes longer, especially for groups with many sub-fields and sub-groups. While looking for a solution for this problem, I found that it’s not too hard to fix. The simple trick that I applied helps increase the speed up to 800%! That’s so amazing.

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118+ free resources to learn JavaScript

In the last couple of years, JavaScript is always one of the most popular programming languages. In fact, it’s the top programming language on Github, according to the number of active repositories. JavaScript is a client-side programming language that runs inside a client browser and process commands on client computer rather than server. But since the born of Node.js, we can run JavaScript on the server and build websites or highly scalable web applications and software by JavaScript. There is no doubt that JavaScript will be the leading technology in the next several years.If you are looking to grow your career, or desire to work in IT field then you can’t miss out on Ja. It’s not only a great fun to learn JavaScript, but also a rewarding career with bright future prospects.

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jQuery Custom Event – A kind of Hook like WordPress

The most important feature that makes WordPress powerful and easy to customize is hook system. Developers can create as many hooks as he want, at various places that let users run extra code without modifying the original one. In Javascript (I mean pure Javascript), there’s nothing like that, but in jQuery there is. It has a different name – custom event. In this post, I’m gonna to show you how to implement custom event in jQuery to make it runs similarly like hook in WordPress.

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