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5 Tips for an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

Whenever you are building a business, no matter what type of industry you’re in, exposing it online will give you way better results compared to investing only in traditional marketing techniques.

It’s true that people still watch TV—it’s not like they have shifted their entire attention to the Internet—but the percentage of people who watch TV is getting lower, while the number of Internet users is increasing daily. The Digital Reports of 2019 show that in January 2019, there were 4.388 billion Internet users—and these numbers are growing!

The numbers may be enough of a reason for you to think about the return on investment (ROI) that digital marketing brings, as well as the increase in revenue, the potential for more conversions, and the fact that you’re establishing a better reputation for your business by getting online. In this article, we’ll help you understand digital marketing better, implement it in your overall marketing strategy, and provide you with the most effective tips for creating a killer digital marketing strategy.

1. Invest in Social Media Networks Where Your Target Audience Is

First of all, you have to be aware of who your target audience is, their age, as well as their interests and preferences. Once you know who you’re going to market your business to, it’ll be easier to create the right marketing strategy.

Also, the second step is choosing which social media networks you’re going to be most active on. For instance, your target audience may be more active on Instagram than Facebook. Even though you should create campaigns on both networks, it makes total sense to save on resources by prioritizing the networks that give you the most conversions.

Invest in Social Media Networks

2. Choose the Right Link-Building Strategy

Choosing the right link-building strategy won’t only help you in your digital marketing campaign, but it’ll also save you time, effort, and resources. While there are many link-building strategies out there, you’re going to depend on others in most of them. So, sometimes all your effort, resources and time will be useless if you get negative answers, or if you find it difficult to even establish a correspondence. But if you think your link-building efforts are not bringing in the results you have envisioned, there’s a way around this—and it’s the gray hat SEO technique known as a PBN.

Creating a Private Blog Network (PBN) is a way to provide your money site with backlinks from your own network of websites. If you decide to create a PBN, you’re the one who is going to decide when and how often you’re going to provide your main site with backlinks. A PBN is an investment that you can rely on in the long run if you do it responsibly and moderately.

Since creating a PBN isn’t fully accepted by Google and you might get penalized, you have to make sure your network is safe. To ensure safety for your PBN, you have to choose the right PBN hosting provider, preferably one that offers reliable hosting along with a Content Delivery Network (CDN), such as LaunchCDN. The hosting provider won’t only be responsible for your network safety, but also for the speed and web performance of your sites.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a fairly new term in digital marketing. It simply means that you pay influencers to get the word out for your business, product or service. First of all, you’ll have to figure out whether the influencer you choose has your target audience within their reach and then start a collaboration with them.

According to a survey by Collective Bias, 30% of the people will be influenced by bloggers to buy a product. So, this type of recommendation will be necessary if you want to increase your profit, sales, and loyal customers.

You can either pay the blogger for recommending your product or provide them with compensation for their marketing, for instance sending them free products or offering them discounts.

4. Create Interactive Content for Real People, Not Search Engines

You should focus on attracting real people and not just search engines. It’s true that your content should be SEO, so people can actually get to it, however, your primary focus should always be on the readers. Make sure the content you create is original, and that it brings value, and accurate information to your users.

If you create unique content, then your readers will get hooked up to your content and will keep coming back to your site.

For instance, when we want to read the news, we all go to websites such as CNN, The Guardian, The New York Times, etc., because we all know that those pages will provide us with the right info concerning the latest happenings. So, your primary concern should be to create a reputation and name that will attract visitors all by itself, instead of trying to trick the search engines with keyword stuffing. If you create content that will only attract the search engines, your readers will be driven off and you’ll eventually end up losing value in the long run. You should be focusing on creating exactly the opposite!

5 Tips for an Effective Digital Marketing Strategy

5. Enhance Your User’s Experience

Providing your users with quality experiences on your website is only possible if the web performance of your site is on a high level. Here’s what you need to pay attention to:

In the end, if your users keep coming back to your site, this means that the online marketing strategy you are using actually works! That’s why you should invest in enhancing each and every part of your digital marketing strategy to get the best results. You can hire some agencies to help you do it, for example, some San Francisco digital agencies.

We hope that your online marketing plan will be recognized for its great ROI and conversions!

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