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5 Tools and Tips to Improve UX on WordPress Site

When you build a website, you do it to present your products and services, but you also focus on offering a flawless user experience. It is very important to put your users first and personalize your entire WordPress website based on your target audience profile.

Statistics show that 35% of people leave a website when the content isn’t interesting for them. Moreover, after 15 minutes of reading, 66% of people will keep reading a content which is beautifully designed than something blunt and without emotion.

On the other hand, many entrepreneurs, especially when they are just starting their business, choose WordPress to develop their website. It is very easy to use, and it can be personalized with various features and themes. Therefore, if you want to learn how to improve UX on your WordPress site, you should keep reading this article or hire UX design agencies to help you do it.

Tools and Tips to Improve UX on WordPress Site

Develop a simple and clean design

There are many web designers who focus on developing a complicated website, who can be anything but functional. On the other hand, customers are impressed not only by design but also by functionality.

They want to find information easily and prefer those websites where it is very easy to read and understand exactly what the brand is doing. If your website fails to intrigue your customers and offer a unique design, then they become instantly frustrated and confused.

Thus, if you want to improve your user experience on your WordPress website, you should create an excellent design which looks simple and clean. Moreover, you should create a balance between functionality, design, and font.

Straightforward Navigation

When it comes to general website navigation, it’s difficult to pinpoint what your target audience may or may not find intuitive. Your navigation bar buttons and general UI element placement shouldn’t be vague. Instead, you should avoid traditional category namesakes such as “Blog”, “Product” or “Services” and offer more informative, actionable options for your visitors.

A recent study into website navigation UX done by Forbes showcased the problem with designing a website for “everyone”. The following graph illustrates the options chosen by different people upon arriving at a fictional landing page, showing no signs of group pattern or logic.

This post show 5 tools and tips to improve UX on WordPress when you are starting a website.

It’s safe to say that 10 people have 10 individual personalities and expect different things from same website they all visit. As William Stevens, CEO of Top Writers put it: “People want to identify with your brand before they commit to products or services. Move beyond what the market deems “adequate” and build your own brand voice and reputation.”

You can make their navigation troubles go away by naming your navigation bar items for what they are in terms of your company, not by using traditional, cliché naming schemes. This will separate your website from the growing competition and ensure that you have a brand identity on the web beyond digital advertisement or SEO which are a given for any online business.

Use the Contact Form Plugin

Reports show that almost 50% of the people who are leaving a website are doing so because they didn’t find any contact information page. When you add contact information on your website, you build credibility and show your target audience that you are real, and they can always contact you for more information.

However, there are still a lot of website developers who don’t put this page as a priority. Apart from the product and services, company information and testimonials, contact information is one of the top 5 most important elements that customers want to see on a website.

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular and used plugins available for WordPress websites. It comes also with CAPTCHA verification and Akismet spam filtering. Therefore, you are able to verify each new visitor coming to your website. On the other hand, if you want to install something a bit more sophisticated and complicated, then you can use WPForms.

Your website should be findable

It is very important that your target audience finds the website in search engines. This is directly related to SEO, but it is also an important element which improves the users’ experience. What is more, once your customers access your website, they should also find very easy what they need.

Whether they are looking for certain products, or they want to read a specific article on your blog, it shouldn’t be complicated at all for your target audience. You can do it by creating headlines which stand out, a personalized navigation bar, and easy-to-access landing and service pages. You also can use some plugins for SEO as Slim SEO to help you save the time dealing with SEO elements.

Use Google Analytics

This is the ideal tool any marketer should use to improve the user experience on his WordPress website. You can install the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP and use it to find valuable insights on what your website’s visitors want and need.

Based on their behavior, it will become easier to make strategic movements and improve their experience. However, you would waste a lot of time if you would have to login into the dashboard every day. This is why WordPress has a special login for it, directly incorporated in your website.

Therefore, you will have at one click distance all the information related to a number of users, organic searches, bounce rates, or likes per page. It will also help you understand more different traffic channels and help you understand how they work.

Apart from all the tips and tools mentioned above, content will remain the most important tool you can use to improve your users’ experience. When it is combined with the right WordPress plugins, content creates a seamless and smooth user experience, which will make you stand out of the crowd.


Steven is an editor at Topwritersreview and a passionate writer on topics related to website development and customer experience. He enjoys sharing his experience and help business owners stand out and strengthen their position on the market.

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