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How to view email subscribers in Jetpack

I recently switched from MailChimp to Jetpack subscription on this blog, because of the simplicity of setup. Jetpack allows me to let people subscribe to new posts and new comments and automatically send new posts to the subscribers via emails. It doesn't require any setup at all, just enable and forget. This is a big advantage in comparison to MailChimp, where I need to install a plugin and setup the RSS feed in MailChimp.

However, Jetpack subscription has a disadvantage: we can't send a custom email to our subscribers. If you want to send marketing campaign (a custom email) to your subscribers, you need to export Jetpack subscribers and import it into a newsletter service, like MailChimp. But how to get Jetpack subscribers?

Well, Jetpack has an answer for that:

  1. Go to your Dashboard
  2. Click on Site Stats
  3. Scroll all the way down
  4. On the left, you’ll see a section labeled Subscriptions

View Jetpack subscribers

But this requires the Site Stats module to be activated. While I'm using Google Analytics, it's not suitable for me. So, I found another way to see the Jetpack subscribers. It's quite obvious, but I didn't notice earlier.

Simply go to your Dashboard at WordPress.com, and navigate to People. Then you will see the tab Email Followers:

View Jetpack subscribers on WordPress.com

There is still no way to export Jetpack subscribers, but you can simply copy the text and paste into MailChimp. It's not wise, I know, but there are no other ways.

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