SEO: The right way to use H1 tag

SEO H1 tag

The heading tags H1, H2, … are used to emphasize content and by this way improve SEO strength of website. The H1 tag, the most important tag, is usually used for main topic of the web page. It is recommended that we should use only one H1 tag on per page. This causes some different ways of position H1 tag, its implementation in the header of website (blog) and the title of posts.

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Make rel=publisher Passed W3 Validator

rel=publisher is a HTML piece that makes Google recognize (by rich snippet parser) the publisher of current page in search result. Unfortunately, the common implementation of rel=publisher by <link> tag is not validated by W3 Validator. Although W3 validator is just a guide and we don’t have to follow 100%, but we should if we can. This post shows a simple solution to make rel=publisher become valid.

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